Off You Go

Here's a post on our end of studies short-movie, a cross "reel shooting / 3D"; *our* being:

Jonathan Heilig (scenario, shooting, character design, skinning)

Anthony Boudimir (scenario, shooting, compositing, lightning, fx)

Antoine Gouy (2D concept, modeling, texturing, rendering, compositing)

Audrey Petitjean (modeling, unwraping, rendering)

and myself (3D layout, skinning, animation)
The story of our character, played by Aurélien Portehaut ("Gauvin" in the  Alexandre Astier's series "Kaamelott" ), consist in a rendez-vous with a pretty girl (played by Delphine Leputh).
Everything goes "normally" at the beginning (in reel shooting), but something is going to transform the appartment in a scary toon universe (in 3D) inspired by Tex Avery's or the Looney Toons...Here's a making-of a picture I made, with the help of Audrey Petitjean for the modeling: 1. the original shooting ; 2. validation of the modeling with an occlusion pass, 3. application of the textures, 4. lightning, 5. compositing + photoshoping, 6. integration of the character.


My "true" role in this short-movie is the animation, including the setup + skinning of the differents objects who will take care of our unfortunate hero. Here's some "anime-test" of certains objects, with some previews of the film.

Only two sequences...the price of exclusivity!

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